This all VGOD Elite RDA is one of a kind device for the elite vapers. Coming from the platform of VGOD, it sure bears the trademark of quality and excellence. VGOD produces one of the best vaping devices on the market today.

VGOD finishes the VGOD Elite RDA with two amazing post decks. The decks have extra large post holes. Thus, making it unique and special. Also, it has an excellent clamping system. Thus, allowing for elaborate coil builds. It also accepts simple coils.

The tank of the VGOD Elite RDA has a large capacity to hold e-juice. The design allows for perfect internal airflow. Thus, producing maximum flavour and vapour. This a stunning device for every vaper that wants the best of vapour.

The VGOD Elite RDA features high-grade finishing materials. The body has seamless and flawless polishing. Thus, making it perfect for everyday use. It comes in amazing colours such as gold and copper. Also, stainless steel finishing is available.

This VGOD Elite RDA device is a perfect match for the box mod or the VGOD Elite Mech. So, if you already own one, combine it and get double results. You can also purchase it if you do not have it already.

Technical Specifications

The VGOD Elite RDA measures 24mm diameter. Also, it measures 33mm (less 510) in height as well as a depth of 9.25mm. Thus, making it compact and pocket-friendly. It has a beautiful engravement of elite RDA shield.

This device is hybrid friendly with protruding gold plating 510 pin. The VGOD Elite RDA has a dual post with the hole size of 2mm. Also, it has a finger tight nut, with Philips or flat design. The post hole spacing has an internal diameter of 11mm.

A package of VGOD Elite RDA contains one VGOD Elite RDA. Also, it contains one spare O-ring as well as a one multi-tool.