Asmodus Spruzza Squonker 80w Kit

by Asmodus


Asmodus is at again with the Asmodus Spruzza Squonker kit. This is a superb device with power output rating of 80 watts. Also, this first squonker mod comes in a small and compact design. Thus, making it pocket-friendly. A robust 18650 battery powers the Asmodus Spruzza Squonker.

Asmodus Spruzza Squonker has the latest technology in it. The Smart Siphon System (SSS). This is the first in the squonk mods. The SSS in the Asmodus Spruzza Squonker works in a unique way. It has a pump on the body of the device. Also, the pump syphons the e-juice through the 510-pin connection.

A GX-80-HUT chip drives this Asmodus Spruzza Squonker. This chip allows for temperature control modes, power mode, TCR, and TFR. Also, the latest curve mode. This curve feature on the Asmodus Spruzza Squonker allows the user to set five different wattages on temperature control mode. Also, users can do this within time presets of up to ten seconds.

The Asmodus Spruzza Squonker has two removable doors on the sides. One door allows access to the battery. Also, the other door opens the SSS for refilling. This design puts the SSS and battery on the opposite sides. Thus, preventing spillage on the battery in case of overfilling.

The Fonte RDA also features on the Asmodus Spruzza Squonker. This is a 24mm RDA Fonte that comes squonk ready. Asmodus uses high-quality SS316 to construct the Fonte. Also, the top cap has a heat sink. To maximize intake, there is also Delrin wide bore drip tip at the cap. Airflow is also adjustable through the Fonte.

This portable squonker comes amazing colours. Colours such as red, blue and purple. The internal chamber holds an impressive amount of e-juice.

Technical Specifications

The Asmodus Spruzza Squonker requires one 18650 capacity battery to function. This battery doesn’t come with the package. However, you can add it to your purchase. It features a capacitive touch screen function.

The output of the mod ranges from 5 watts to 80 watts. Also, the output on temperature control mode is from 5 watts to 60 watts. In temperature control modes, it accepts wire types of Ti Titanium and SS316 Stainless steel. Also, SS317 Stainless steel, Ni200 Nickel, as well as SS304 Stainless steel.

A package of Asmodus Squonker comes with one mod and also one RDA