Asmodus Lustro Box Mod

by Asmodus


The Asmodus Lustro is a powerful box mod. This device rakes up to 200 watts power output. Also, has a high output of 7.5 volts. This product comes from the lineage of Asmodus classy products. This is a next-generation mod for everyone.

The Asmodus Lustro has an amazing IR sensor. Thus, allowing you to operate the menu without touch the device. This technology is first in the vaping industry today. Also, this IR sensor lets you stay in control of your device.

This is also the first ever handsfree box mod device. The Asmodus Lustro also has a beautiful LED indicator. This indicator at the bottom displays different colours depending on the duration of vaping. The colours let know the status without going to the menu.

The OLED is colourful. It adds more beauty and simplicity to the design. This Asmodus Lustro is superior technologically yet very affordable. Thus, anyone vaper can afford to get the best value for their money. It promises a superb experience.

Technical Specifications

The Asmodus Lustro requires two 18650 batteries for normal function. The batteries do not come with it. However, you can order it alongside. It also has a capacitive touchscreen. Thus, it requires human body electrical properties to work.

The power out of the Asmodus Lustro is between 5 to 200 watts in power mode. Also, in TC mode it is between 5 to 120 watts. The temperature control range is between 212° to 572°F (100° - 300°C). that is a wide range to throttle.

The Asmodus Lustro has an Atomizer ohm range of between 0.1 to 2.5 ohm. The maximum output voltage is 7.5 volts. The peak output current is 45 amperes. It has a charging parameter of 5 volts DC and 1 ampere.

This robust Asmodus Lustro has a firmware you can upgrade. Thus, when a newer version comes, you can update to the latest. It has a micro USB type-C. Thus, providing the convenience of charging.